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Eclipse is consider as good IDE for development as well as debugging . In last article we have seen how to configure eclipse to run TCL script here is the link . If you didn’t configure eclipse for TCL then first do that because it is mandatory to configure eclipse for TCL debugging.

In this article we will see how to configure eclipse to debug TCL script . For this we would need to download Activestate’s remote debugger from this link http://code.activestate.com/komodo/remotedebugging/ . On this link you will see debugger for Pearl, PHP, Paython, Ruby and TCL. We would choose TCL remote debugger for Windows. Check Screenshot below : download TCL debugger

After downloading extract the zip package, and paste the package somewhere . Now open eclipse go to menu -> Windows -> Preferences . In preferences expand TCL->Debug -> Engines -> Active State . Go to Paths Tab -> External Debugging Engine Section . Browse to path of dbgp_tcldebug.exe which is located in package we just pasted . Check Screen below:

configure debugger with eclipseWe have successfully configured debugger . Its time to debug the TCL script. Take sample script or you can take this simple script which checks whether number is even or odd .

puts "Program to find even odd numbers"

set num 8

if { $num % 2 == 0 } {
 puts "number is even" 
} else {
 puts "number is odd " 



Save the script with some name and add breakpoint to script. Now go to Run and click on debug to start debugging. You can use different commands like Step Into , Step Over , Step Return , Resume , Terminate.

eclipse debug menuYou can use Step into to go inside in procedure and Step Over is used if you don’t want to debug the Procedure code. Resume and Terminate are used to resume program flow and Terminate current execution respectively.

For more details you can check our video tutorial on youtube.com

Try to configure eclipse for debugging. You can add your comments !